Monday, May 15, 2006

Financing For Real Estate Investors


In the real estate business there are those folks commonly known as real estate investors. I have had some very interesting calls lately from folks that literally wanted us to pay 100% of all the cost for them to buy the property, add in all of the closing costs, as well as finance 100% of the rehab costs. They did not want to spend one cent of their own money but of course they wanted to be able to profit from the sell of the property after all was said and done. Well they forgot to add no interest and never pay back the loan to their list of dreams.

This is what I call the welfare mentality. Something for nothing! Don't get me wrong there is a need for assistance in everyone of our lives. I have had to file for unemployment before so I know what I am talking about. It is there for assistance until you can get back on your feet and move on with your life. The mentality of this generation is exactly that, I take your money that you have worked so hard for and use it to benefit myself, but only if it doesn't cost me anything! Well that may work for political gain but it does not work in the financial world!

So what is the point? Well recently we have added several new programs for real estate investors that are looking for this type of financing. It is not 100% but it is one of the best programs I have seen in a while. It offers 75% of purchase price and 75% of the rehab costs! Not exactly welfare but close to it! (Relax my friend and smile for once!)

Now if you know anything about this type of financing then you know that this is an incredible offering. Literally the investor only has to have 25% of the total cost to be able to qualify for this financing! We have many other options available and can help the investor determine which one is best for their situation.

Another program that we have access to is for construction companies. It literally works like an open line of credit for upwards of $200,000 for the building of new homes. There are also many other offerings that we have access to for construction loans. We have been able to fund several of these a month recently and are constantly updating our offerings to our clients.

If you have a legitimate project that you need to get financed, and I think it is possible, we will consider all requests that make sense. I also have the option of going to our database of private investors. So do yourself a favor and contact us and I will tell you point blank if we can help you or not.

You can find out more information about these types of funding here.

Commercial Real Estate Finance.

See you at the top,

Arnold Cortez (512-497-6204)

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