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Commercial Real Estate Financing For Everyone!

You Too Can Make Money On Real Estate!

For owners and investors of commercial real estate, the financing market offers plentiful opportunities. In such a scenario, the borrower must use the right tools to control his buying power and / or lower his debt payments. It is said that the commercial estates have also started attracting the non-bank lenders. Private Equity Groups, Private Investors and Venture Capitalist have made the most out of lucrative opportunities.

The real estate property listings also offer information on cheap, affordable homes as well as commercial property that may be selling well under value. For the keen investor this is an opportunity to make an incredible profit in a short period of time. Perhaps you or somebody you know has found such an opportunity but you just don't have the capital available to purchase the property. To make it worse you may have credit issues that will prevent you from qualifying for financing from a bank. In the past this would be the end of this story.

There are opportunities like these everyday. Now there are ways to get these deals funded. Hard Money Loans, Bridge Loans, Private Investor Funds, and many other options are somewhat new terms that you should make yourself aware of. They are available for nearly any situation. The problem is knowing where to look and know who to contact. Once you find the contacts that are willing to work with you then it becomes very easy for anybody to start to make this kind of money.

Realize that you will pay very high interest rates for this kind of financing. The idea is to turn the property around as soon as possible to avoid having to pay out more than you are going to make. Make sure you have all your numbers and plans together before you make these kinds of investments. The returns can be incredible however the risks are very high. When you are ready to make these kinds of investments we can help you locate the funds for you projects.

Our Strategic Mortgage Partner has access to hundreds of lenders, thousands of loan programs and millions of pricing variables nationwide. They do all types of residential and commercial lending and have their own warehouse line to accommodate special needs. Below is a partial list of what they are able to do:

  • Purchase Loans

  • Refinance Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Land and Lot Loans

  • Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Hard Money

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • High Risk Bailout Loans

  • Commercial Bridge Loans

You can find out more information about these types of fundings here.

Commercial Real Estate Finance.

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